Digital Restorations

Do you have historical family pictures or damaged photos that need some updating or repair? Our graphics “Guru” is an award winning designer that has won several awards and has been named a Photoshop Guru (actual title) for his abilities. We will scan in your original image and produce a new digital restored image. It is simply amazing to see the difference.

• 5 working days
• A 50% deposit is required on all restorations.
• All restorations include the scan charge as well as an 8×10 unit. (8×10 unit is 1-8×10, 2-5×7, or 3 4×6). • If the customer wants a print larger than 8×10, they are charged extra for the larger print minus the cost of an 8×10.
• We do not advise enlarging a print more than twice the original size. Ex. A wallet print should be enlarged no more than 4×6 or 5×7.

Click here for Restoration samples & pricing

Film Services

Do you still use film or have negatives laying around? We partner with a local film processing lab that can process your rolls of film and Total Image will print your film in our professional printing lab.

Film Services Pricing

Film Service Price Production Time
Film Processing $2.98 per roll 4 working days
4x6 prints $0.30 1 working day
2nd set of 4x6 prints $.20 each 1 working day
CD at time of processing $3.99 1 additional day

Artwork Copy – Copyright Laws apply

We offer detailed and color balanced scanning or photographing of paintings, sketches or other custom artwork.

• Color is matched as closely as possible. However, subsequent prints will not be exact matches as the substrate and techniques used are not the same as the original piece of art.
– First piece of artwork – $30.00
– 2-10 pieces of artwork – $20.00 each
– 11 + pieces will be priced per job
• CDs are included with all artwork copy jobs.

Digital Print Units – Copyright Laws apply

A digital print unit includes the scanning and reprinting of an original print that is 8×10 or smaller.

• Digital Print unit costs:
– DPU Scan – $4.00
– 8×10 print from scan – $5.95
• Printing options include 8×10, (2)5×7’s, (3) 4×6’s or (4) 3 1/2×5’s
• CDs are available of your scan for $2.99.

Photo Copywork – Copyright Laws apply

Detailed and color balanced scanning or photographing of photographs/prints up to 20×24.

• Color is matched as closely as possible. However, subsequent prints will not be exact matches.
• $15 per photograph smaller than 16×20
• $30 for photographs larger than 16×20
• CDs are included when a print is ordered
• CDs are available for $2.99 each. DVDs are $10.00 each
• 1-2 working days

Shoebox Scans

Let us take those boxes of old photos you have in your closets and scan them to CD. Not only will you be getting organized and archiving your photos for future generations, your scans can be used to create a wide variety of stunning items, from DVD Slide Shows to Photo Books!

• Sort your prints in the order you would like them scanned by print size. Common sizes must be grouped together.
• When rotating your images: For vertical images, make sure heads are to the right. For horizontal images, make sure prints are upright.
• What is the resolution of my scanned photos?
All photos are scanned at 300 dpi at the original prize size. A standard 4×6 usually is about 1 to 1.5 MB in size.
• Can you scan my photos at a higher resolution?
Yes, we can also scan at a higher resolution. We can scan at 600 dpi at the original print size. Larger scans are considered custom and can’t be done in this product range. If you want to make large, poster size prints, this is the only option.
• The smallest photo that can be included is wallet size which is 2.5×3.5. The largest document is 8.5×11.
• No copyrighted images can be scanned without photographers approval.
• Mounted prints will be scanned at $4 each unless they are oversized.
• Any photo that is excessively bent or curled will not be scanned. All photos must be able to lay reasonably flat when stacked with other photos.

Shoebox Scan Pricing

Quantity Price
Up to 50 prints $24.99
Up to 100 prints $49.99
Up to 250 prints $69.99
Up to 500 prints $79.99
Up to 1000 prints $99.99
Prints over 1000 $0.10 each
Dupe CD $2.99
Dupe DVD $10.00
Image rotation $9.95 per order
4x6 at time of scan $0.18

Camera Cleaning and Repairs

Digital SLR Camera Cleaning – {1-2 Days}
• $40 – includes basic cleaning of a digital SLR sensor as well as the lens on the camera.
• A fully charged battery must be submitted with the camera.
• We will return your equipment with a 4×6 print taken before and after the camera was cleaned.

Camera Repairs – {4-6 Weeks}
• There is a $12 estimating fee that covers shipping and handling of your equipment to the repair location.
• Cameras are typically sent directly to the manufacturer for repair. Older models and brand not including Nikon, Canon and Fuji are sent to a second party repair service.
• Rough estimates can be given by our counter staff. However, a true repair estimate typically takes 2 weeks. You will be called with the estimate and if it is approved a $30 deposit will be due.
• On some occassions a re-estimate is sent by the repair facility. If this occurs we will contact you for a new approval. If you do not approve the repair both the camera and the $30 deposit will be returned to you.
• Once your camera is returned you will be contacted. After 90 days have passed your camera will
be disposed of.

Film & Video Transfer

Reel Film to DVD – {6-8 weeks production time}
Includes: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm,  and audio
$55 deposit required on all orders
Orders are billed at a $.17 per foot with a minimum charge of $55
Reels range in size from 50ft up to 1600ft
Reel splicing is billed at $1 per splice

Video Transfers- {2 week production time}
Includes: VHS, 8mm tapes, mini dvds and memory cards
$20 deposit required on all orders
Orders are billed at a $20 per hour with a minimum charge of $20
Additional DVDs are $10 each
No editing services are available

Slide & Film Scans

• Minimum order of $5.00
• Additional retouching costs can be requested for negatives requiring clean up

Slide & Film Scan Pricing

Slide or Film Type Price Production Time
35 mm roll film $5.99 1 working day
35 mm negative strips (36 frames) $7.99 1 working day
35mm/120/220 negatives $3.00 each 3 working days
4x5/5x7 negatives $10.00 each 3 working days
35 mm slide scan $1.00 each 3 working days
Print from 35mm slide see in-store printing
CD of scans $2.99
DVD of scans $10.00

ID My Kid Cards

These identification cards makes it east to access your childs information in case of an emergency or for general identification purposes.

• $15 for the first card and $5 for each additional
• Can be ordered online or in-store at our Forest Avenue or Eastchase location.
• Cards ordered from our Eastchase will require 1-2 days for delivery back to the store.
• These cards are not legally used for check cashing or identification purposes for people 18 or older.